Advanced Physical Therapy in Longmont, CO

If you are experiencing sports-related injuries—or if chronic pain is affecting your athletic performance—you may be a candidate for our advanced physical therapy services. Each member of our team has undergone extensive training on the body’s movement and function and can apply this knowledge when treating your specific injury. Our number one goal is to expedite your recovery so you can get back to your previous activity level.

During your first appointment, our doctor will review your symptoms, conduct a physical examination and run a diagnostic assessment to diagnose your injury or condition. Next, he can develop a comprehensive physical therapy plan to address your problem area and improve your strength, flexibility and range of motion.

Manual therapy is one method for treating musculoskeletal conditions. By applying pressure to the affected area, we can assist in muscle relaxation, increased circulation and reduced pain. Mobilization and manipulation may also be used.

Education is an important component of our physical therapy services. Our doctor can provide guidance on lifestyle modifications that should be made to reduce the risk of reinjury as well as develop a home exercise plan to help your injury.

Physical therapy has proven effective in treating sports-related injuries and other conditions. For more information on our services, call Longmont Spine & Physical Medicine today at (303) 816-3853 for a free initial consultation.