Intravenous Nutritional Replacement in Longmont, CO

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can have an impact on your overall health. Unfortunately, oral supplements are not always adequate at replenishing nutritional deficiencies. At Longmont Spine & Physical Medicine, we offer intravenous nutritional replacement to help patients get the nutrition they need.

By administering nutrients directly into the bloodstream via an IV, this ensures that they are fully absorbed by the body. This process is relatively quick (anywhere from 15-45 minutes), and the results are impressive. Many of our patients report that they feel better within hours of their intravenous

The benefits of IV nutrition replacement include:

  • increased energy
  • improved athletic performance
  • increased recovery time
  • reduced stress
  • improved immunity

To ensure you continue to see results, we provide pre- and post-IV treatment. Through a complete physical evaluation and diagnostic assessment, we can identify any potential deficiencies and provide oral replacement therapy to complement your IV treatments.

Our intravenous nutritional replacement therapy has proven beneficial at helping individuals with chronic conditions and those who wish to enhance their sports performance. For more information, please call Longmont Spine & Physical Medicine today at 303-630-9842 for a free evaluation.