Trigger Point Injections in Longmont, CO

When a point within the muscle is always active, it can result in “knots” or tight bands of muscle. Known as trigger points, this condition has the potential to limit movement and cause muscle weakness. In addition, trigger points can cause radiating pain in other parts of the body.

At Longmont Spine & Physical Medicine, we offer trigger point injection therapy to help patients experiencing this condition. By injecting an anti-inflammatory directly into the trigger point, we can inactivate the problem area and relieve pain. Even dry needling—that is, placing a needle into the area without medication—has also proven to be successful at treating trigger points.

The injection itself only takes a few minutes, but the relief is immediate. Many of our patients report quick and long-lasting results with this form of trigger point treatment.

If you are experiencing muscle pain or weakness, trigger points could be to blame. For more information, contact our office now at (303) 816-3853 to set up a free evaluation.