8 Great Winter Workouts to Try

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In winter, there are tons of great reasons to remain active and not give into the lure of a sedentary lifestyle. Exercising in winter has many benefits though, not least of which is its fat burning power, and capacity to raise your spirits. What’s more, it can be great fun! Check out this list of activities to do in winter, and you’re sure to find one you’d like to try.

  • Give ice skating a whirl! Whether you’re outside, or in an indoor skating rink, ice skating is excellent exercise. It tones your legs, tightens your core, and even boosts your behind, while burning about 500 calories an hour.
  • Strap on some skis. If you’re lucky enough to live where it’s snowy, consider this: not only does skiing offer thrilling speed and scenic surroundings, it also burns between 350 and 500 calories per hour.
  • Have some snowy fun on a sled. Kids all over the country long for snow days so they can ride sleds, trash can lids, boogie boards, or whatever contraption they can find, down the highest hill in their neighborhood. When you get the opportunity, you should join them! It’s good, breathless fun, and burns over 400 calories per hour.
  • Dance! Dance workouts have gone through many iterations, from Jazzercise to Zumba, but the dance workout of the moment is Barre-Based. Inspired by ballet, and combining components of Pilates, yoga, and weight training, these classes are great for your core and lower body; the moves used promote long, toned muscles.
  • Get nostalgic about your playground days. Shoot hoops, play dodgeball, or jump rope to rev up your heart rate as you reminisce.
  • Give boot camp a try. Boot camps use high-intensity cardio and strength training, for those who want a serious workout. They’re often held at parks or track fields, but in the winter many classes move indoors. If you’re concerned that you don’t have the stamina to commit to a boot camp series, find a program that offers trial classes so you can see if it’s right for you.
  • Bounce your troubles away. Indoor trampolines are extremely popular right now, for two reasons: they’re fun, and a great workout! Six minutes on a trampoline is roughly the same as running a mile, but the trampoline has the benefit of being low-impact, which protects your joints.
  • Use body weight to lose body weight. For the ultimate in DIY weight training, use your own body as the weight. TRX suspension training is a favorite workout for Navy SEALS, and uses a portable suspension trainer to work the whole body.

Establishing the habit of healthy exercise is important to a person’s well-being. It helps build a balanced life, and can lead you to your own place of optimal wellness and health. For more information on how we can help set you on the path to your best life, call today for your free consultation.


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