Age Management Medicine in Longmont, CO

Growing older is unavoidable; however, many of the health conditions or effects associated with the aging process can be improved through functional medicine. At Longmont Spine and Physical Medicine, we are proud to provide age management medicine to patients who want to enjoy optimal health through old age.

Functional medicine is the practice of providing treatment customized for the patient. During your first appointment, you will meet with our doctor for a comprehensive assessment. After testing your nutrition, hormone levels, physical performance, and more, he can then develop a plan to improve your

Some of our age management medicine services include nutritional coaching, providing lifestyle advice and prescribing high-quality supplements to ensure your body’s needs are being met. If hormone imbalances are detected, we can also provide hormone replacement therapy so you can regain your
energy and vitality—for years to come.

You are only as old as you feel. To learn how our age management and functional medicine can improve how you feel, call Longmont Spine and Physical Medicine at (303)647-3939