Complete Body Composition Assessment in Longmont, CO

Weight is not an indicator of your body composition; to understand this, undergoing a complete body composition evaluation is required. At Longmont Spine & Physical Medicine, we offer body composition testing to those who are wishing to improve their fitness levels or lose weight.

We use a sophisticated tool to measure your body composition. By sending signals throughout the body, we are able to measure the amount of water in your body (muscle holds more water than fat) to break down the specific percentages of your composition.

This test is used to assess:

  • visceral fat
  • body fat
  • lean muscle
  • BMI

After explaining the results to you, our doctor can provide information on how to improve your body composition through diet, supplements and exercise. Having an unhealthy level of body fat can result in a number of serious conditions (such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension), so understanding
your body composition can help you achieve a healthy level of fat and lean muscle mass.

For more information on our state-of-the-art complete body composition assessment, please call our office at 303-647-3939 for a free consultation.