Healthiest Winter Vacation Spots and Travel Trends

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Are you looking to get away this winter? Whether you’re trying to escape the cold by heading to a more tropical destination, or you’re from a warmer climate and dashing off to see some snow, the winter is a great time to travel. One hot trend in travel this year is all about wellness: people are seeking places where they can not only get away from home, but also do something good for their health. Here, we look at some of the healthiest winter vacation spots, along with some interesting vacation trends. 

    • Are you ready for snow skiing? Head for Steamboat Springs, Colorado. While almost any mountain destination is a healthy, active choice, Steamboat Springs is particularly beautiful and clean, and it’s one of the biggest ski mountains in North America.


  • Is someplace tropical more your speed? Try a cruise! It’s true, cruises have a well-deserved reputation for being a place where buffets flow freely and unhealthy habits are the norm. However, this is changing on some ships, where yoga and other exercise classes, healthy food offerings, and other beneficial options are offered to the customers.


    • For a destination with the best workout weather, you can’t beat San Diego. San Diego’s average temperature is about 70 degrees year round, and you’ve got your choice of activities in which to participate. Mountains, valleys, beaches, eco-reserves, and state parks all await your exploration.


  • If you’re ready for plenty of walking, New York City is an exciting place to do it. It’s also a place on the cusp of all the latest fitness trends, so it’s a great place to try something new!


  • Ready for a technology break? Detox vacations are a trend that’s catching on. From tropical islands to mountain resorts, you can find resorts that offer “digital detox” packages, with tons of amenities, but no access to technology.
  • Is extreme weight loss on your health goal bucket list? You might want to visit the Biggest Loser Resort in Ivins, Utah. If you’re not looking to go quite that extreme, but still like the idea of a residential weight loss program, there are plenty of options from which to choose, with a variety of philosophies and programs.

Whether vacationing or staying at home, it’s important to live the healthiest life you can achieve. That’s why we work with patients to help them find their paths to optimal wellness, through customized treatment plans that treat the whole person, not just symptoms of illness. For more information on how we can help make this year your best yet, call our clinic today for a free consultation.


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