InBody 510 Testing in Longmont, CO

Body composition tests reveal important information that can be useful if you are trying to put on more muscle mass, lose weight, or improve athletic performance. At Longmont Spine & Physical Medicine, we are proud to use the InBody 510 machine to assess our patients’ body composition.

To take the InBody 510 test, you will stand on a metal platform and hold on to the handles for a minute. During this time, the machine will analyze your body composition. The InBody 510 measures things such as:

  • water
  • muscle
  • fat
  • protein
  • bone mineral

In addition, the machine can analyze whether you are collecting water in your body. Known as edema, this could be a sign of inflammation or injury. The InBody 510 can also measure your resting metabolic rate and basal metabolic rate.

Understanding your body is important for anyone who is looking to make changes (such as losing weight or weight lifting) or improve their performance. For more information on our Inbody 510 body composition analysis, please call 303-647-3939 for a free initial evaluation.