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Here are some basic but powerful ideas to follow in order to realize the positive benefits of a healthy diet.

1) Eat Whole Foods. What I mean by this is to make an effort to eat foods, closest to the way they grew. If you look at the ingredients and there is a list of names and chemicals you have never heard of- don’t eat it. It means it took that many steps from its natural state to get put in the plastic package and frozen.

2) Eat at least 6 small meals everyday – when I say meals, I really mean snacks. At least 3 meals should consist of a lean protein and vegetables. The other 3 meals could consist of an apple, a handful of nuts, a bowl of yogurt etc. It is important to keep your blood sugar level stable, so that you do not crash, become ravishingly hungry, and make a poor decision about what to eat. The other important reason to eat regularly is to help maintain a stable metabolism.

3) Eat breakfast – I can’t tell you how many studies that I’ve read where they found that the one common finding in all people who maintain a healthy weight, after a weight loss program, is that they all eat breakfast. It is the most important meal. It starts your metabolism for the day and gets you going. It will also once again, help keep your blood sugar at a stable place so that when that mid morning hunger comes around- it will be manageable. I recommend a breakfast with some protein, such as eggs, cottage cheese or whole-milk yogurt.

4) Fat does not make you Fat! – Now of course we all know that fats are not created equal- right? The fat in French Fries is not the same as fat in an avocado. Most of our brain and nervous system is made of fat. Good fat is involved in the production of most of our hormones and can also slow down accelerated aging. Some examples of Omega-3 fats are 1) Fatty fish, such as Salmon, sardines or mackerel 2) wild game 3) Walnuts 4) Ground Flax seeds. If you cannot get enough from your diet, I always recommend a supplement that contains DHA and EPA. Another reason that I encourage my patients to supplement with good fats is that they are the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory nutrient available. I always say, “When there is pain, there is almost always inflammation”. By eating more “good fat” foods, you can even reduce inflammation naturally.

5) Eat a Variety of Vegetables – Lets talk about color for a moment. Color does matter. Maybe some of you have heard about these substances called “Anti-oxidants”. There are many different forms, but they all have powerful properties that can help protect us against, again, cancer, heart disease, and many other preventable ailments. These anti-oxidants will be found in vegetables in the pigment of the skins. For example, you will get different anti-oxidants in a carrot than you would in a piece of broccoli. This is why it is important to eat many different flavors and colors in your diet.

6) Drink Plenty of Water. People do not realize that we are mostly made from water. Did you know that you could survive longer on a desert island without eating than you could by not drinking water? It is essential for our brain, nervous system, electrolyte balance, skin and heart. Many people choose to drink soda or sugar filled drinks instead of water. Many people also mistake hunger for thirst. I tell people that are trying to eat a little less, that next time they think they are hungry, try gulping down a nice class of water and then re-evaluate the situation. Drinking enough water can also affect your ability to burn fats efficiently.

7) Artificial Sweeteners – these substances have become very popular in our society due to the calorie consciousness that has taken over. These chemicals such as Aspartame, saccharin and sucralose all can damage the cells of your body and should be considered “toxic”.

If you are trying to improve your health, energy level, as well as manage your weight you need to start with the tips above, at the very least. If you have any specific questioned not addressed here, please feel free to email me directly at and I will work with you to maximize your potential.

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